Conscious Time


About Amy

Amy Andrews McMaster is the founder of Conscious Time. She is a former training manager, national public speaker for Fred Pryor and Career Track, education mentor and directed statewide health care outreach in Colorado. Amy offers leadership and empowerment coaching, workshops and workplace stress reduction. Amy is certified as a professional coach by Newfield Network, a program accredited by the International Coach Federation. She is currently pursuing an NLP, neuro-linguistic programing, certification.


The world needs the very best of each of us, now.

Conscious Time is about showing up as skillfully and open-heartedly as possible in the moment. This could mean having a difficult conversation we’ve been avoiding, holding ourselves accountable for creating a desired change or reducing daily stress.  Conscious Time clients know that to make this world a better place, we need to start now, not someday. If you want to make this world a better place by getting started, Giddy Up! I’m here to help.


executive director at a large state university

"Amy worked with my team when we were experiencing growth and shift and many of my team members were new. Amy provided us with the communication we needed in order to get on the same page and really gel as a team. She tapped into the strengths and challenges of every team member, building community among the continuing members and the new additions. Everyone LOVED what she did for us and we have had her back many times since. We HIGHLY recommend Amy."

J. C.

founder/owner, heath & wellness sector

"Amy has helped me heal personally which has helped the growth and health of my business--It has been a hand in hand journey. Before starting sessions I was in a place of consistent anxiety and couldn't get out of survival mode. Amy helped me shift perspective and gave me tangible tools to enhance the quality of my life. Since working with Amy for the past 6 months I have seen a profound difference in my thought process, confidence and quick ability to grow (mind, body, spirit). Amy is incredibly authentic, enthusiastic, supportive and kind. After every session I have had I feel empowered with an open heart. Thank you Amy for changing my life. Seriously. You have helped me re-pattern old beliefs that allow me to shine without shame!"


author, speaker & consultant

"I found significant business value in the mindfulness practices. Because of this, I will hear and understand other participants, whether in a meeting or at the boardroom table, as more complete people and contributors. I see huge ROI in efficiency and creativity from this work."


corporate accountant and business owner

“Whenever I have a problem that I don’t know how to solve, I take it to my coaching sessions. Amy guides me through the thought and feeling process to find answers and solutions that I didn’t know existed. Amy has a gift of breaking down the issues and guiding you to your own solution. She does this with directness, care and a smile. This is truly her gift.”