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“In the past, jobs were about muscles, now they’re about brains, but in the future they’ll be about the heart.” Minouche Shafik

In today’s complex, fast changing, and unpredictable work environment, leadership requires a new level of courage.  The world is desperate for braver leaders and courageous cultures. 

Successful innovation, creativity, accountability, adaptability, diversity, equity and inclusion,  hard conversations, feedback, problem solving, and ethical decision making all require courage, a collection of four skill sets that are 100% teachable.

What is your call to courage? 

I am a leadership consultant, courage builder, ICF executive coach, and Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator with over 20 years of experience in education and leadership development. I harness my deep people expertise, strong empathy, and courage to help leaders create braver cultures where team members feel a sense of belonging, purpose, and engagement. Courageous cultures drive success. 

Amy Andrews McMaster
Amy Andrews McMaster

Exceptional Results


 Courageous leadership and executive coaching in action: 

 "Thank you for bringing out the best in our leadership team and for giving us such rich resources to be better communicators, connectors and leaders together! Our team gave you the highest evaluation score of all the speakers." 

~Tracey Campbell, CEO, BRIDGE Healthcare Partners


"Amy worked with my team when we were experiencing growth and shift and many of my team members were new. She provided us with the communication we needed in order to get on the same page and really gel as a team. Everyone loved what she did for us and we have had her back many times since. We highly recommend her!"

~Lunden Macdonald, Director of Roadways, Metro State University 

  "Each time we work together, I am wowed!” 

~Erin Egbert, Whole Foods Team Leader

brave work. Whole Hearts.

"You don't achieve good culture without constant attention, without an environment of safety, courage, and vulnerability. These are hard skills, but they are teachable skills." 

~ Ed Catmull, president, Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studio

"Dare to Lead is the skillful and empowering Jedi training we have all been waiting for.” 

~Danielle Krettek, founder, Google Empathy Lab